Intimate Asylum

This small garden was created to become a quiet place for work and relaxing, hidden from the neighbors’ view. The neglected lawn was removed and replaced with a pavement matching the colors of the façade. The design on the paving resulted in an optically enlarged garden. In addition, the existing net gate t was  replaced with a wooden one , which guarantees complete separation from the street.
Some plants were planted in the custom made flower pots in such a way that they would be seen from the garden bench and through the living room window.

The chosen plants, including hydrangea, buxus and hosta are easy to maintain and t correspond with the colors of the pavement.

The lighting plays an important role in the garden. In addition to the plant lighting, a light garland was installed over the entire garden in order to create a pleasant, calm, romantic atmosphere.


Ewa Siwy
Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Polska

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