My name is Ewa and I love creating gardens…

… planting crocuses and snowdrops so they can announce the spring, Designing ponds that will reflect the summer sky, Making tree compositions which will  warm hearts with their autumn colors on rainy days.

Gardens that will make you ponder the dormant life within them during winter evenings..


Ewa Siwy
Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Polska

Dane firmy:

Ogrody Ewy Ewa Siwy

ul. Katowicka 93c/5

61-131 Poznań

NIP: 8522405272

REGON: 380451432



ul. Katowicka 93c/5

61-131 Poznań


Topolowa 30

70-892 Szczecin

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